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Main Street Baptist Church

Sunday Morning    Sunday School Classes - 9:40am   Worship - 10:50
Location: 313 N. Main Street, Grand Saline, TX 75140
Phone: (903) 962-4536
Streaming License: 20654925

We will resume Sunday School classes on September 13th!  We will also restart the Wednesday evening HIS TABLE ministry on September 16th.


LATEST SERMON: Living In The Moment | Maximizing Potential | 08.23.2020


  Pastor’s Blog

God’s Promises

Dear MSBC, At times we all must face difficulties, disappointments, discouragement, and dead ends as well as have to deal with hurts, habits, hang-ups, and heartaches. When these occur, sometimes in bunches, and seemingly relentlessly, we can be tempted to throw our hands up, give up, and give in to our ever-present, ever-pressing opponent called life. If there ever was a man who had to deal with life in the raw and from whom we…

What Really Matters

Dear MSBC, It has been a while since the last Main Blast article. This one is a little lengthy; please forgive me. I think the topic warrants it. As you know, a lot has happened in recent days. At present we are still very much in the grips of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. There is also much civil unrest and racial tension with violent and nonviolent protests occurring with the removing or defacing or destroying…


Dear MSBC, You have probably had that awkward experience in an elevator. You know the one I’m talking about. The doors open wide, you enter, and you find yourself standing next to people in that eerily, uncomfortable silence as the elevator doors close behind you. No one knows what to do. Everyone on board either pulls out their cell phones, stares down at their shoes or up at the ceiling, being careful not to exchange…

  Upcoming Events

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