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LATEST SERMON: Living In The Moment | Maximizing Contentment Pt.2 | 09.27.2020


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Needed: True Friends

Dear MSBC, Victoria Price is an investigative TV reporter for WFLA, an NBC affiliate station, in Tampa, Florida. I suspect you have never heard of her, but in June of this year she received an email after appearing on air. Interestingly, the email was not like other emails she had received previously with comments related to her news stories, but rather with an urgent suggestion to seek her doctor for medical attention. The email that…

God Knows Your Name

Dear MSBC, I suppose we all have practices or idiosyncrasies that we engage in, either as individuals or as family units, that might appear odd or quirky to others outside of our immediate circles of engagement. For example, my family and I like to spread peanut butter on pancakes. You might identify with that or think it gross and would never even consider doing such. I think putting pineapple on pizza is absolutely disgusting, whereas…

God’s Promises

Dear MSBC, At times we all must face difficulties, disappointments, discouragement, and dead ends as well as have to deal with hurts, habits, hang-ups, and heartaches. When these occur, sometimes in bunches, and seemingly relentlessly, we can be tempted to throw our hands up, give up, and give in to our ever-present, ever-pressing opponent called life. If there ever was a man who had to deal with life in the raw and from whom we…

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