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The Mirror

We all spend time in front of the mirror.  Why?  We want to see what we look like.  And we want to see what it is that we need to change.  Sometimes we don’t like what we see.  The same is true with our spiritual life.  God’s Word is like a mirror that shows us what is good and what needs to change.  So how do we take what we get in “the mirror” and…

The T Word

God tests us to make us strong.  Satan tempts us to make us do wrong.  We all struggle with temptation.  The power of temptation is strong.  So how can I win in my struggle with temptation?  James gives us some direction to win this battle. Scripture Reference: Total Page Visits: 3656 – Today Page Visits: 3


What comes to mind when we say the word, “refresh”?  We think about getting reenergized, reinvigorated, or revised.  In this series we want to look at how we can be refreshed in our spiritual lives.  We are going to explore the book of James.  In it, James writes to encourage the early Christians not to stray from the faith during persecution and trials, but to live out what they professed.  And he encourages us today…

Total Page Visits: 3656 - Today Page Visits: 3