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Mission Sunday

Bill & Frankie Falkner, retired IMB missionaries to Vancouver, Canada, were our guests on Mission Sunday. They spoke during the morning service and then again that evening at our Missions Banquet. Total Page Visits: 7439 – Today Page Visits: 5

Tasty Spiritual Fruit

Tutti frutti is actually a taste.  It is multiple fruit flavors combined to make one flavor.  Our new sermon series will look at the very, very, tasty, tutti frutti taste of the Spirit of God as He works to produce the fruit of the spirit in our lives. Scripture References: , , , , , , , Total Page Visits: 7439 – Today Page Visits: 5

From God with Love

Diamonds are formed at great depths in the Earth under great temperature and pressure.  They are the hardest natural material known, and as such, they are not given to impurities.  This causes them to be very valuable.  Diamonds are also useful due to their durability.  That is what we are to be to Christ: valuable and useful.  We need to have spiritual depth who can go through the great pressures of life and allow those…

Taste Test

Do you remember the Pepsi challenge from years ago?  People were blindfolded and then they tasted both Pepsi and Coke.  And in the commercials they always chose Pepsi.  They would prefer one taste over another taste.  And today as we observe the Lord’s Supper we get the same opportunity.  It gives us the opportunity to prefer Jesus Christ and the taste of Him.  And to prefer Him over every other taste in the world. Scripture…

The Facts of Life

In our last message in our series on Noah, we are going to talk about the facts of life.  The facts of life are those unavoidable truths that you have to learn to live with.  Tonight we are going to look at four of those facts of life. Scripture Reference: Total Page Visits: 7439 – Today Page Visits: 5


Did you know that four out of 10 Americans feel an intense sense of loneliness.  Do you ever feel that way?  You may have a lot of friends but you may not have any real relationships.  In our world today we have all of this social media.  And on social media you can have thousands of friends, but all of those “friends” don’t really know you at all.  We can have all of our friends…

Storms of Life

We don’t like the storms of life.  We all have storms in our lives.  And none of us like them.  But we need the storms of life because it is how God matures us, builds us, and helps us to reach our potential. Scripture Reference: , Total Page Visits: 7439 – Today Page Visits: 5

Total Page Visits: 7439 - Today Page Visits: 5