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Dangerous Affairs

We live in the day of extreme makeovers, extreme sports, and extreme fitness.  Everything is being taken to the extreme.  We also need to build extreme marriages.  In this series, we have talked about the non-negotiables in marriage, romance busters that will destroy your marriage, and how to have a good marital fight.  In the conclusion to the series, we are looking at the path to promiscuity. Scripture Reference:

When the Bell Rings, Come Out Swinging

In a 2010 survey the question was asked, “What would make you leave your spouse?”  Overwhelmingly there were two responses.  The first response was infidelity.  The other response was chronic fighting.  In this message, we are going to talk about the idea of marital fighting.  In any human relationship there are going to be arguments.  Since arguments and fights are going to happen in marriage, we need to know how to do it God’s way. …

Romance Busters

We said two weeks ago that marriage is like climbing Mt. Everest.  You need to prepare for it because marriage it is not easy.  Statistics show that 52% of first time marriages, 70% of second time marriages, and 90% of third time marriages end in divorce.  Marriage is hard.  You have to keep the romance alive.  The greatest definition of love ever penned is .  That is romance!  Romance is being able to supernaturally do…

The Non-Negotiables

Marriage is difficult work.  And because of that, we now live in a society of disposable marriages.  And God doesn’t like it.  The blueprint for marriage is extreme.  God expects a lifelong commitment and a forever love affair.  In this message we will look at the non-negotiables in marriage.  The question this morning is  “What ‘Musts’ Must I Bring To and Maintain in My Marriage?”  We will look at six non-negotiables from Genesis 2.  These…