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The Comfort Zone


This is the final message in the series, “The Comfort Zone”.  The internet has given us many new ways to communicate.  One new way we communicate information is the podcast.  A  podcast is a digital, recorded program that is broadcast on the internet so that you can download the information to your computer or phone.  Someone has uploaded this information to the internet so that you are able to download it.  They want you to…

Espresso Yourself

What is an espresso?  It is a highly caffeinated coffee drink.  That is what God wants us as Christians to be.  He wants us to be highly spiritually caffeinated individuals for Him.  And as we do that we have the capacity to leave the comfort zone of life.  Last week we talked about becoming comfortably uncomfortable as God uses our lives.  To do this, we need to have a love for God that does not…


What’s your biggest regret in life? Do you ever think about it?  Students from Strayer University set up a chalkboard on the sidewalk in New York City for a single day. At the top of the board was written, “Write your biggest regret.” The chalkboard attracted many people and was soon filled to overflowing with written regrets that were both poignant and thought-provoking. The board was filled with many different stories, but almost all of…