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The Code

Taking Risks

This is the last message in the series “The Code.”  The Main Street mission code is T3=C3.  Touch God x Transform Lives x Take Risks = Completely Committed Christ Followers.  Once we have touched God (worship) and have had our lives transformed (discipleship, fellowship, ministry), then we must learn to take risks (evangelism/missions) in sharing the message of the gospel.  In this message, Dr. Bruce Smilie asks the question, “How Can I Become A Relational…

Transforming Lives

A study performed about 10 years ago revealed the difficulty for change in people’s lives.  Roughly 600,000 people have heart bypass surgery each year.  People that have this surgery are also told that they must make some changes or they will die. They are also encourage to change their diet, to stop smoking and quit drinking, to get more exercise, and to reduce their stress. Even with this information, the study showed that 90% of…

The Main Street Code

There is a code that we need to learn.  It is how to live life.  It is our life mission code.  There are many different codes that drive our lives.  Some people are driven by guilt and regrets.  Some are driven by resentment.  Some by fear, materialism., approval, pleasure, or power.  But we as Christians are to have a different life mission code.  The code that dictates a church should also dictate our life.  The…