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The Facts of Life

In our last message in our series on Noah, we are going to talk about the facts of life.  The facts of life are those unavoidable truths that you have to learn to live with.  Tonight we are going to look at four of those facts of life. Scripture Reference:

Storms of Life

We don’t like the storms of life.  We all have storms in our lives.  And none of us like them.  But we need the storms of life because it is how God matures us, builds us, and helps us to reach our potential. Scripture Reference: ,

The Flood

How do you learn?  We learn in one of two ways: either through formal schooling or through life experience.  One of the best ways to learn is through the mistakes and hardships in life.  What can we learn from the flood of Noah? Scripture Reference:

Simply Different

There were some folks in the Bible that we read about that were simply different. Moses, Abraham, Paul, and David were simply different.  And there is no one who has ever been that was as simply different as Jesus.  And in our message today we are going to look at the simply different nature of Noah compared to the society and environment in which he found himself.  Noah was the kind of person that we…

The Dark Side

Satan is the leader in the grand conspiracy to harm mankind and to thwart the plans of God. Satan began this conspiracy in the garden and he continued to through the days of Noah and still continues today. Satan knows he is doomed from the beginning of time, but he desires to take as many with him as possible. Scripture Reference: