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Experiencing God

Life is about experiencing God. God is at work all around you and we need to experience His presence. So how can I experience God? We can experience Him right now in this world as we pursue the purpose of our lives and the life of the Church. Our purpose in this world is no different than the purpose of the Church. Scripture References: , , , ,

Simply Different

What makes Christianity simply different?  Many people ask “aren’t all religions experiencing the same god but just explaining him in different ways?”  They believe that all religions are talking about the same god.  Some people believe that all roads lead to heaven.  Some try to mix and match religions and just pick and choose what they like from each religion.  Tonight we are going to answer the question, “How is Christianity different from other religions?”…

The Problem of Evil & Suffering

Life is not easy.  As we go through life, we encounter accidents, crime, war, and natural disasters. In 2004, there was a tsunami in southeast Asia that was very devastating.  A columnist named Eric Zorn, who was not a Christian, offered these questions after seeing the enormity of death and destruction.  “Did this tsunami reflect the will of God or was it God was simply powerless to stop it?  If it was God’s will, what…

Who Says the Bible is God’s Word?

When a biopsy comes back and says that it is melanoma, what or on whom are you going to lean for stability?  When you get a call in the middle of the night telling your loved one has been in an accident and is near death, what are you going to do in the hours that follow?  When your spouse of 12 years tells you that there is someone else and that they want a…

The Spirit Who Is Not A Ghost

We have never seen wind but we see its impact.  We can see its force and the results of it.  But we have never seen it.  Because of that we often take wind for granted.  In our series on God, we have talked about God the Father and God the Son, Jesus Christ. But the one that often gets overlooked is God the Holy Spirit. We often take the God the Holy Spirit for granted. …