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Would You Care To Make That A Christ Supreme?

You can go to McDonald’s and get a regular sized order of fries.  But, if you want, you can super-size your order.  When you super-size you are just getting more of the same thing, more fries.  And when you go to Taco Bell, you can buy a regular taco.  But, if you want, you can get a taco supreme.  A taco supreme has been upgraded qualitatively, having more ingredients, making it better.  In the Christian…

Prized Possessions

Two weeks ago we started a new series in the book of Colossians called “Diamond” because that is what God is doing in your life.  God is making diamonds out of us as Christians.  We all have prized possessions.  A prized possession is something that is your pride and joy, your treasure, or your obsession.  They come in many forms.  Your prized possession may be some item that was passed down to you from a…

From God with Love

Diamonds are formed at great depths in the Earth under great temperature and pressure.  They are the hardest natural material known, and as such, they are not given to impurities.  This causes them to be very valuable.  Diamonds are also useful due to their durability.  That is what we are to be to Christ: valuable and useful.  We need to have spiritual depth who can go through the great pressures of life and allow those…