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Vision Talk

Reminding us what is the vision, purpose, and mission for Main Street Baptist Church

Vision Talk


This message is an update on the vision, purpose, and mission of the church and to look at what the church is doing and where the church is in meeting this vision.  The mission of the church and the vision of what the mission can become is more important than any other mission that there is in life.  And everyone in the life of the church has to understand it because we have to adopt it and live it out.


Our vision is to be a disciple-making, multiplying, missional, church community, where imperfect, irreligious, and inquiring people are encouraged and equipped to become life transformational, servant leaders for the Kingdom of God.


To become C3s (Completely Committed Christ-followers) who love, enjoy, and glorify God.


Our mission at MSBC is to become completely committed Christ-followers (3Cs) who:

  • Touch God through expressing and demonstrating love to Him, to Christ-followers, & to the unbelieving (worship).
  • Transform lives through connecting in small groups, growing together in unity, maturity & Christ-likeness, and reaching out to serve others (fellowship, discipleship, and ministry).
  • Take risks through relationally and compassionately sharing Jesus Christ locally, nationally, and internationally (evangelism/missions).

View the vision of Main Street Baptist Church.

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Speaker: Dr. Bruce Smilie

Pastor – Main Street Baptist Church