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Living in the Moment | Measuring Friendship | 09.06.2020

Living in the Moment | Measuring Friendship | 09.06.2020


Living in the Moment – “Experiencing Joy in Life’s Journey.”

Each day we should remind ourselves that our allotted time on this planet is a precious gift from God and to be utilized exclusively for Him. Scripture informs us that God wants us to live in constant awareness of the ticking time clock and make the most of the time we have (Eph. 5:16). Rather than waste our days on frivolous pursuits that leave no lasting imprint, we must all live life to the fullest for Jesus Christ, impacting time and eternity, all the while squeezing the sweet juice of opportunity out of each day.

But how do we go about doing this? The book of Philippians gives us the answer. In this message series, Pastor Bruce will help us explore from this timeless biblical book how God wants us practically to live moment by moment for His glory and to experience genuine joy each step of the way in our daily journey.

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Speaker: Dr. Bruce Smilie

Pastor – Main Street Baptist Church