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How Do I Leave My Recliner & Become A Cross-Bearer?



What’s your biggest regret in life? Do you ever think about it?  Students from Strayer University set up a chalkboard on the sidewalk in New York City for a single day. At the top of the board was written, “Write your biggest regret.” The chalkboard attracted many people and was soon filled to overflowing with written regrets that were both poignant and thought-provoking.

The board was filled with many different stories, but almost all of these regrets had two things in common. Nearly all of them involved the word “not.” They were about chances not taken. They were about words not spoken. They were about dreams never pursued. Furthermore, almost all of the regrets could be characterized by one of the regrets listed: Staying in my comfort zone.

Do you remember the old TV series called, “The Twilight Zone”?  Well you and I are not entering the Twilight Zone.  We are leaving the Comfort Zone.  As Christians, we need to be moving out into that which is unusual and challenging because that is exactly what Jesus did.

Scripture References: Luke 9:22-26, Luke 14:25-35

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Speaker: Dr. Bruce Smilie

Pastor – Main Street Baptist Church