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JUST LISTEN | I’m All Ears

JUST LISTEN | I’m All Ears


Just Listen – “Hearing God’s Whisper”

 In a world where Christian voices are increasingly muffled and traditional social values are routinely challenged by Hollywood personalities, professional athletes, political hacks, and others, we need moral direction for living. Amid the confusion of competing voices and values, we need clarity. We need to hear a still, small, whisper of hope. We need to hear from God!

One of the most basic claims of Christianity is that God speaks to people. All through the Bible we see the phrase: “And God said.” From Scripture, we clearly get the idea that God really does speak to us. But if He does so, how does He do so and how do we go about hearing Him? In this message series, Pastor Bruce will aim at answering these sometimes perplexing but crucial questions.

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Speaker: Dr. Bruce Smilie

Pastor – Main Street Baptist Church