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Refresh Sermon Series

Gaining a fresh focus on life from the book of James.

Refreshing Yourself, Refreshing Others

The 12th and final message in the series, Refresh – Gaining a fresh focus on life from the book of James. In this message, Dr. Bruce Smilie asks the question, “How Can I Stay Refreshed & Keep Refreshing Others?” The beginning of the message was not recorded, so the video starts at the third point in the message.  We are sorry for this inconvenience. Scripture Reference: Total Page Visits: 1868 – Today Page Visits: 3

Squeeze Play

There is a play in baseball that is unique.  It is the suicide squeeze play.  There is one out with a man on 3rd base.  The runner on third takes off running home as soon as the pitcher starts his wind up.  There is pressure on the defensive players but the person most under the squeeze is the batter.  He has to bunt the ball or the runner will be thrown out.  Everyone has been…

Tasting Refreshment

The Lord’s Supper is a time of sober reflection for our lives, but it is also a time to celebrate because of the truth of what is represented.  We remember the One who loves us and we remember that one day we will be in His presence forever.  However, don’t just go through the motions of the Lord’s Supper.  Take it seriously.  It is a time for celebration but it is also a time to…

Money Trap

The Bible talks more about money than it does about prayer and faith.  Jesus talked a lot about money and possessions in His parables.  We often allow money to become the source of our status, our security, and our satisfaction.  But God wants to be the source of your status, security, and satisfaction.  Nothing else is to take his place.  That is why Jesus talked so much about it.  We can all get wrapped up…

Big Shot

As we continue in the book of James, we want to look at how we can be refreshed in our Christian lives.  One way to be refreshed is by not being a “big shot”.  We often use the term “big shot” for someone who has an inflated view of themselves. George Barna did a survey and found that 92% of people feel that they are self-sufficient and 66% of those same people like to be…

Total Page Visits: 1868 - Today Page Visits: 3