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Walk the Talk

Posted by Bruce Smilie on  February 4, 2021
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Category: Pastor
Dear MSBC, Author Gad Saad is a Lebanese-Canadian, evolutionary psychologist and a professor in the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. While Dr. Saad is not a Christian, he is one of the leading voices exposing the harm and senselessness of political correctness in the US and Canada. In his most recent book, The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense, he explores the currently prevailing practice of what is called

Love (January post)

Posted by Bruce Smilie on  February 4, 2021
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Category: Pastor
Dear MSBC, I recently came across a poem called “At the Winter Feeder,” by John Leax, who has served for over three decades on the faculty at Houghton College, a Christian liberal arts college in Houghton, New York: His feather flame doused dull by icy cold, the cardinal hunched into the rough, green feeder but ate no seed. Through binoculars I saw festered and useless his beak, broken at the root. Then two: one blazing,

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Bruce Smilie on  December 1, 2020
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Category: Pastor
Dear MSBC, I heard a story a number of years ago that I think is very applicable to us all during the Christmas season. One version of the account is as follows: A customs officer observes a truck pulling up at the border. Suspicious, he orders the driver out and searches the vehicle. He pulls off the panels, bumpers, and wheel cases but finds not a single scrap of contraband, whereupon, still suspicious but at

Make A Difference

Posted by Bruce Smilie on  November 1, 2020
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Category: Pastor
Dear MSBC, Well, it is election time once again, and the stakes this year could not be higher for our country’s welfare. There are a lot of societal ills surrounding us in need of conscientious solution. We continue to live amid the Covid-19 pandemic that has caused social distancing, stifled the US economy, taken numerous lives, infected many others, and frustrated virtually everyone else. In addition to the problems associated with Covid-19, historical monuments continue

Needed: True Friends

Posted by Bruce Smilie on  October 1, 2020
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Category: Pastor
Dear MSBC, Victoria Price is an investigative TV reporter for WFLA, an NBC affiliate station, in Tampa, Florida. I suspect you have never heard of her, but in June of this year she received an email after appearing on air. Interestingly, the email was not like other emails she had received previously with comments related to her news stories, but rather with an urgent suggestion to seek her doctor for medical attention. The email that
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