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Dear MSBC,


Approximately a thousand years ago, the famed Norseman, Erik the Red (named for his red hair, beard, and fiery temper), led a group of Vikings to set sail from Norway to go to what we know today as Greenland. At the time, Greenland was largely an uninhabitable island. The Norse colonies stablished there by Erik the Red were the first permanent European settlements. These colonies, numbering about 3,000 people, lived on 300-400 farms. They lasted for over 500 years—and then, for reasons that remain somewhat of a mystery . . . they vanished, ultimately starving to death.


The Vikings are historically known as fearsome, seafaring warriors. But according to some historians, the Norsemen led by Erik the Red thought of themselves more as farmers and ranchers. They believed owning and eating cattle were symbols of status. They envisioned establishing communities that were maintained exclusively by farming. For reasons unknown, some archeologists believe the Vikings in Greenland came to have an aversion to eating fish and fishing, even though fishing would have been a simple and effective way to feed themselves.


As a part of their mission to establish exclusively farming communities, they simply chose as a core value to forego fishing. In accordance with their vision and mission, they would rather starve than eat a fish! But why would a society surrounded by the richest food source the ocean has to offer choose to starve to death? In his book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, author Jared Diamond argues that when societies fail, it is typically due not to cataclysmic events, but to simpler causes. Diamond suggests societies fail because they turn inward and try to hold on to survive while perpetuating their cultural model at all costs. According to some experts, that’s what happened to the Vikings in Greenland. Right up until they starved to death, the Norse never lost sight of that for which they stood.


Now while the Vikings in question can be commended for their commitment to fulfilling their purpose, mission, and vision at all costs, they were unfortunately misguided. But unlike the Vikings of old, we at Main Street Baptist Church do not wish to turn inward and merely try to survive while pursuing misguided objectives. Rather, we have a church vision, mission, purpose, formula, and core values that are biblically based and worthy of passionate pursuit. Check these out:



To be an enthusiastic, encouraging, & multiplying church family that attracts the unchristian and unchurched and equips all to become life-transformational servant leaders for the Kingdom of God.



To touch God through expressing and demonstrating love to Him, to Christ-followers, & to the unbelieving (worship).

To transform lives through connecting in small groups, growing together in unity, maturity & Christlikeness, and reaching out to serve others (fellowship, discipleship, and ministry).

To take risks through relationally and compassionately sharing Jesus Christ locally, nationally, and internationally (evangelism/missions).



  • To become C3s (Completely Committed Christ-followers) who love, enjoy, and glorify God.


The Main Street Formula (T3 = C3)

  • Touching God x Transforming Lives x Taking Risks = Completely Committed Christ-Followers


Core Values

Biblical Instruction

  • We value the Bible as the inerrant Word of God & desire to apply its truths practically to our daily lives.

Life Transformation

  • We value daily, life-revising relationships with Jesus as essential for spiritual growth.

Relational Connections

  • We value supportive, loving, encouraging, transparent relationships

Missional Lifestyle

  • We value outwardly focused, evangelistic mindsets as a must in reaching the world for Christ.

Family Focus

  • We value Christian relationships in the dating process & between husbands & wives & their children.

Servant Leadership

  • We value developing leaders who serve others with humility, wisdom, self-sacrifice, flexibility, & creativity.


We will be talking more about these important objectives, a playlist for life of sorts, on Sunday mornings during the announcement times over the coming months. Don’t miss it and miss out!



Pastor Bruce

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Author: Bruce Smilie

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