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Pastor’s Power Point

Break Out of that Comfortable Huddle

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According to a study published in Scientific American magazine, we all speak an average of 16,000 words daily. Wow, that’s a lot of language! No doubt we like to think that we carry on conversations with a rich and diverse
variety of people every day. But other research studies show that we actually talk to a very small group of the same people routinely over and over again.

Although a good number of us may converse with 7 to 15 people every day, about 80 percent of our words are shared with a small group of about five trusted, best friends and allies. That means that close to 13,000 of our 16,000 daily words are directed at a very small group of friends and confidants. Our closest coworkers, team members, family members, and friends make up our true inner circle. These are the people who think like us, care about us, and believe in us. It is these we are most comfortable spending time with and to whom we most enjoy speaking.

While it is great as Christians at MSBC to have close friends, family, and church members to associate and
converse with in our inner circle, we routinely need to break out of that comfortable huddle and move beyond our known circle into the uncomfortable, unknown zone for Christ. As individual missional Christians and as a church body, we have to expand our horizons relationally to speak into the lives of those far from God to win them to Christ. We are God’s plan A to accomplish this, and there is no plan B!

We have three great opportunities this month to help us accomplish the aim of moving out of our comfort zone relationally and evangelistically. First, National Night Out is on Tuesday night, Oct. 4th (6:00-7:30 pm) at Depot Park Plaza in downtown Grand Saline. We will have a booth to represent MSBC and bounce houses for the kids. We will give away cups (with our church logo and website info affixed) filled with popcorn. We will also give out free Bibles and other literature. So, plan to come out on Oct. 4th to meet and greet your Grand Saline neighbors and check out our MSBC booth.

Second, Oct. 9th is Mission Sunday at MSBC. Bill & Frankie Falkner, retired missionaries to Vancouver, Canada (Bill is also a professor at Dallas Baptist University) will speak in the morning service, and will make a
presentation about our potential involvement in missionary work in Canada at the mission banquet on Sunday
evening at 6 pm. Plan to be at both events to hear about how you and our church can expand our mission horizons together in Canada.

Third, the Grand Saline Fall Festival is on Saturday, Oct. 29th. We will have need for 18 cars to provide trunks
outside our doors for candy treats for children. We will grill hot dogs, and our gym will be a carnival filled with games, cotton candy, and popcorn for all to enjoy. There will be prizes for the best decorated trunk and costume. Please, please, please, (did I say please!) volunteer to help in this outreach event to the children and adults of our community. For more information, contact the church office or see our Children’s Minister Heather Good about how you can be involved.

I look forward to seeing you and serving with you as we reach out beyond our church walls to Grand Saline,
surrounding communities, and the world for Christ!

Your friend and pastor,


P.S. Our new Associate Pastor of Worship & Discipleship, Don Johnson, begins his ministry with us on Sunday morning, Oct. 16th. Keep Don and his family in prayer as they come to join us and minister with us!

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Author: Bruce Smilie

Pastor - Main Street Baptist Church, Grand Saline, TX