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Pastor’s Power Point

Christmas Time Is Here

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Christmas is now mere days away. Time really does fly, doesn’t it? It’s that time of year again to give sacrificially and to receive gifts gratefully in keeping with the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus, the ultimate, perfect gift to mankind. If you are like me, however, gift giving isn’t necessarily an easy endeavor, because it’s sometimes hard to know what to give to the significant people in our lives. Furthermore, giving gifts to an extended number of friends and family can get…well…should I say…expensive! I know. I know. When it comes to giving gifts to the people who mean the most to us, price should be no object. Right? Well, tell that to my credit card collectors. They don’t tend to understand.

But I have good news! How about giving gifts this yuletide season that are free of cost while at the same time priceless in value? Impossible you say. Oh, ye of little faith.

Actually there are some gifts you can give this Christmas that are beyond monetary value. In his classic book Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life, famed author and pastor Charles Swindoll gives several suggestions for such:

  • Mend a quarrel, dismiss suspicion, and tell someone, “I love you.”
  • Give something away—anonymously.
  • Forgive someone who has treated you wrong.
  • Turn away wrath with a soft answer.
  • Visit someone in a nursing home.
  • Apologize if you were wrong.
  • Be especially kind to someone with whom you work.
  • Give as God gave to you in Christ, without obligation, or announcement, or reservation, or hypocrisy.

See. I told you! There are priceless gifts we can give this Christmas that really don’t cost us anything but a little time, energy, and exercise of Christian love. I hope you will try giving such a gift or gifts or something similar to others this Christmas season and beyond.

Before I let you go, let me inform you of a few important things to keep in mind for this month:

On Saturday night Dec. 12th (7 pm) and on Sunday night Dec. 13th (6pm) is this years’ Christmas program “Miracle on Main Street” with the 13th annual Festival of Lights. I encourage you to attend one or both performances, bring friends and family, and come prepared to sing, enjoy the program, and experience 30,000 Christmas lights synchronized to music.

An “All-Church Christmas Sing” event is scheduled for Sunday night, Dec. 20th, during the evening service time (6 pm). If you would like to display your singing or musical talent with Christmas songs, please sign up on the Minister of Music office door.

On Wednesday night (6 pm), Dec. 23rd, we will celebrate “Christmas Eve Eve” with Christmas music and singing and a candle light service.

On Sunday, Dec. 27th, we will prepare for the New Year during the Sunday morning service with a time of prayerful reflection and enthusiastic celebration as we worship our Lord together through participating in the Lord’s Supper.

Well, that’s all for now.

I wish you all from the bottom of my heart and that of my family a very Merry Christmas and God’s richest blessing for the New Year!

Your friend and pastor,


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Author: Bruce Smilie

Pastor - Main Street Baptist Church, Grand Saline, TX