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Pastor’s Power Point

A Mother’s Love

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Deep in the mountains of Niigata Prefecture, in the snow country of northern Japan, lies the tiny town of Takamachi. Heavy snowfalls can isolate towns and hamlets in the area for days.

During the worst blizzard to hit the area in thirteen years, work crews were attempting to clear the roads in and around Takamachi. On a Thursday, since the snowfall seemed to be letting up, Mrs. Tomiko Takano, 37, ventured out on an errand with her daughter. Her husband had left the house earlier to join the road clearing crews.

While Tomiko and her seven-year-old daughter Izumi were outside clearing a path to the road, an unusually high pile of snow on the roof suddenly gave way. Mother and daughter were buried beneath nearly ten feet of snow.

When Mr. Takano returned later in the day he saw that his wife and daughter were missing. He immediately launched a search. They were not found.

The next day, a work party clearing snow from around the Takano home heard a soft whimpering from a huge mound of snow beside the house. Frantically, they dug toward the sound and discovered Mrs. Takano’s frozen body curled around Izumi. Because of her motherly love, Tomiko Takana gave her own life to save Izumi’s life.

That’s what mothers do.

This month is Mother’s Day. The above account reminds us that there is perhaps no greater love on earth, apart from God’s love for us, than a mother’s love for her child. Because of the sacrificial love of our mothers, Mother’s Day is that annual time of year when we recognize, honor, appreciate, and express our love to those whose love we have received and to whom we are forever in their debt.

Mother’s Day, however, can be a bittersweet experience. For some, your past or present relationship with your mother is strained or non-existent for reasons known perhaps only to you. For others, this calendar event is excruciatingly painful because the mother you loved and from whom you received abundant expressions of love has now passed from this earthly existence.

My mother is no longer physically with me; she began her journey in eternity with the Lord eight years ago. I am forever grateful to my mom for her toughness and tenderness, her sacrifice and service, her testimony and tutelage, her realness and responsibility, her irrepressible love and insatiable laughter, and for so, so, so, very much more!

Mothers, I encourage you to be Proverbs 31 women. Regardless of your life circumstances, do what you do best: share your life and love, make precious memories, and shape the eternal destinies of those around you for Christ. I know that was what my mom did for me.

Mothers of MSBC, I and MSBC salute you, appreciate you, and applaud you! Keep on keeping on for Christ, your family, and His! And…by the way…have a happy and blessed Mother’s Day!

God bless you all!

Your friend and pastor,


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Author: Bruce Smilie

Pastor - Main Street Baptist Church, Grand Saline, TX