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Pastor’s Power Point

A Good Father

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There is a movie presently showing in theaters near you called Rocketman. The film follows the transformation of a shy piano prodigy named Reginald Dwight into the international superstar we know famously as Elton John. He has sold more than 300 million records, making Elton John one of the best-selling music artists in the world.

No doubt Elton John is a highly accomplished pianist, singer, song writer, composer, and musical genius. But unfortunately, he pursues an openly gay lifestyle, believes Jesus was an intelligent gay man, and is purported to be for the abolition of all religion, thus making him an adversary of Christianity.

But what brought Elton John to these beliefs and lifestyle? There may be a number of factors, but I suggest a primary reason was a broken relationship with his biological father. In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine in 2016, John said that he still does things today to please his father who died in 1997. He strives for the affection he never received from his father during his father’s living years. In the interview, John went on to say that his father never held him, said he loved him, or ever came to see him play a live concert. Furthermore, he said he lived in fear of his father and walked on eggshells around him, always seeking his approval, but never receiving it.

Now, none of this excuses Elton John’s lifestyle, but it may explain why he took the path sexually in life that he did and why he adopted the beliefs to which he adheres concerning Jesus and religion.

What goes into being a well-adjusted, biblically good father? That is, the kind of father that Elton John needed, which could have led him to a different lifestyle result, and the kind of father that the Bible specifies. From Scripture there are at least 3 major components necessary to be a good, Christian father:

A good father loves his family. A good father demonstrates love to his children by sacrificially loving their mother (Eph. 4:25-29). He compassionately cares for his children as God compassionately loves those who worship Him (Ps. 103:13). He also not only prays for his wife, but as King David prayed for his son Solomon, good fathers also pray for their children (1 Chron. 29:19).

A good father trains his children. A good father trains his children through verbal instruction
(Prov. 22:6), through modeling obedient love for his Lord (Deut. 6:5-9), and through exercising loving discipline (Prov. 13:24). As he trains his children, he is careful not intentionally to discourage or to exasperate his children to the point of rebellion through an overbearing demeanor and an excessive, unreasonable strictness (Eph. 6:4; Col. 3:21).

A good father provides for his household. To the best of his abilities and as circumstances permit, a good father strives to provide, in conjunction with his wife, not only what is necessary for a loving Christian home environment, but also to provide for the financial needs of his family as well
(1 Tim. 5:8).

As we celebrate Father’s Day this month, I encourage the dads out there to follow the above instructions from Scripture and be good Christian fathers. Your children need it, God requires it of you, and you will be glad you did so as you reap the return on your labor when your children are no longer living under your roof. As good fathers, you are just like your heavenly Father who loves His family, trains His children, and provides for the needs of His Christian household.

We need more sincere Christian fathers in this world! I wish Elton John could have had a good Christian father. Perhaps if he had, his songs today would be directed not to the world, but in praise to our Heavenly Father.

Your pastor and friend,


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Author: Bruce Smilie

Pastor - Main Street Baptist Church, Grand Saline, TX