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Mission Possible 2020

Dear MSBC, In a survey conducted by National Public Radio and The Marist Poll (a national public opinion poll) in November 2018, almost half of all American adults planned to make New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year of 2019. Not surprisingly the most popular resolution was to get more involved with physical exercise. An analysis from Strava (a social fitness network) found that those who make such resolutions for working out more, usually abandon…

Jesus, the indescribable gift of God

Dear MSBC, When my children were young, my wife, Tina, and I would give gifts to them at Christmas that we thought were exceptional and ideally just what they wanted. We were usually as excited as our kiddoes on Christmas mornings because we couldn’t wait to see the blown-away, grateful looks on their little cherub faces when opening their gifts. Tina was motivated in all this out of sheer unmitigated, selfless love for her children….

The Great Commandment & Great Commission

Dear MSBC, Have you heard about the Popeye’s chicken sandwich craze of 2019? It’s crazy! On August 12th, Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken fast-food chain began serving a new fried chicken sandwich nationwide that was originally intended to be a temporary offering, running only to the end of September. The sandwich opportunity, however, lasted only two weeks. But why? The sandwich, a simple concoction of buttermilk batter, a chicken breast filet, sour pickles, a buttered brioche bun,…

The Great Treasure Hunt

Dear MSBC, If you are like many people, you are fascinated by the lore and adventure of hunting and finding buried, hidden treasure. Such fascination may go back to your childhood days and the reading of pirates like Long John Silver in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Or perhaps the scheme of getting rich quick just stimulates your interest and imagination. Either way, there seems to be a strong psychological appeal among many of us…

Turning It Around

I came across a story not too long ago about the electronics retailer Best Buy. I found something interesting in the story from which I think we as Christians can learn. Just a brief number of years ago, Best Buy was ripping along as one of the nation’s top and most respected retailers. In 2001 Discount Store News named Best Buy the “Specialty Retailer of the Decade.” In 2004 Forbes magazine named Best Buy the…