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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Pearl of Great Price

Jill Carattini’s article Transfigured, found on the website of Ravi Zacharias’ International Ministries, tells the story of a priceless discovery. A lady named Barbara Krensavage insisted that clams are not a regular part of her diet. Yet on one snowy evening in December she found herself craving an old recipe and thus brought home four dozen quahogs — a clam particularly abundant along the Eastern shores of the United States, between Cape Cod and New…

What Are You Investing In?

As I prepared to write this article, the death of the legendary, iconic comedian/entertainer, Jerry Lewis, came across the newswire. For as far back as I can remember as a child until the year 2010, Jerry Lewis hosted the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Labor Day Telethon. During my elementary school years, I, like many kids my age, both loved and hated the telethon. Loved it, because there were amazing Hol-lywood personalities on around the clock for…