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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Support and Accountability

Well, once again a new year is upon us. If you are like many, you are frantically scribbling down New Year’s resolutions. But why? Because that is what we have been conditioned to do at the turn of every new year. Is it not? I don’t know about you, but doing this annually is somewhat depressing, because the things I want to change about myself  are…well…difficult to do, and more often than not, I either…

Experience Christmas

Dear MSBC, Unbelievable, isn‘t it! Christmas is upon us once again, and it feels like we just got under way in 2016! As you know, Christmas is not primarily about presents, parties, or people, as enjoyable as these may be, but rather about a person…particularly about the birth of the most unique and important person of all time…Jesus Christ. Jesus is unique and supremely important because He is eternal God, the second person of the…