It’s Not Just Physical

In this message from the “No Strings Attached” series we answer the question “How must I view sex outside of heterosexual marriage?” Scripture Reference: 1 Corinthians 6:12-20

Marital Musts

What “Musts’ Must I Bring To & Maintain in My Marriage? Are we willing to do what God calls us to maintain a godly marriage? Learn what we must bring to make our marriages successful and holy.

Lessons from Jabez

Guest speaker, Dante Burress, pastor of Trinity Worldwide Church in Grand Prairie, shows five lessons we can learn from the prayer of Jabez. Scripture Reference: , 5 lessons we can learn from Jabez, the Kenite: Acknowledge who God is Acknowledge that blessings come from God Ask God to multiply the vision to do more through…

The Spiritual Fruit of Kindness

This is the sixth message in the series, “Tutti Frutti – Tasting the Sweet Fruit of the Spirit”. In this message we answer the questions, What is the Fruit of Kindness? Why Should I Exercise the Fruit of Kindness? In What Ways Should I Demonstrate the Fruit of Kindness? Scripture References: , , , 2,…