33 The Series

Do you have a clear and compelling vision of what it really means to be a man? Many men lack clarity about what it truly means to be a man. As a result, many men are in a state of confusion. They end up disappointed with life and find themselves lonely and drifting. They’re comparing and competing, focused mainly on trying to keep up with everybody else. Too many guys don’t know how to answer…

Going Wide

In this second message in the series “Deep & Wide”, Dr. Smilie answers the question, “How can I go wide as an eternal change agent for God?” Scripture Reference:


This message is the first in a series titled “Deep & Wide: Bearing the Cross, Spreading the Truth”. Just as Christ’s love for us is deep and wide, so should be our relationship and responsibilities to Him. In this first message we answer the question, “How do I dive deep & become an insane cross-bearer?” Scripture Reference: ,


The first message in this series celebrating Easter that looks at the seven sayings of Jesus from the cross. Scripture References: , ,

Husband & Wife Stuff

Remember when you were dating your spouse and you would spend hours on the phone talking with them.  You were infatuated with them and wanted to spend all of your time with them.  And then you got married.  And you found that after a couple of years the infatuation between you and your spouse starts to wear off.  So how can you make every day of your marriage like Valentine’s Day? Scripture Reference: