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IT Factor | Lord’s Supper

"What is 'IT' that I am to accomplish in the Lord's Supper?"

IT Factor | Lord’s Supper


This is the 3rd message in the series titled “IT Factor”. In this message, Dr. Smilie answers the question, “What is ‘IT’ that I am to accomplish in the Lord’s Supper?”

Scripture Reference: Matthew 26:17-30

Have you ever heard someone speak of another who just has “it”? If so, they were speaking of the “IT Factor”. The IT Factor is that undefinable “something” that makes for star quality in successful people. If there was ever a person who had “it”, it was Moses, the friend of God. In this series, Pastor Smilie will help us understand all that goes into becoming people who, like Moses, have the “IT Factor” for successful Christian living.

Speaker: Dr. Bruce Smilie

Pastor - Main Street Baptist Church