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Defusing Bombs

How Can I Stop Relational Conflicts Before They Occur?

Defusing Bombs


The war in the Balkans during the 1990’s left an estimated 90,000 landmines across 466 square miles. The problem is that most of those landmines are still there today.  To solve this problem, scientists are using honey bees to “sniff out” and locate these landmines.  It is amazing that something that God created, that produces so much sweetness, is the means by which these bombs are going to be defused. As Christians, we need to be like the honey bee.  We need to be the ones that are the source of sweetness that can defuse relational bombs before they explode.  In our scripture today, James teaches us that there are relational conflicts that can be avoided.  If we want to be refreshed in the Christian life and refresh others, we need to learn the lesson that James teaches about how to avoid relational conflicts.  So, our question today in James 4 is “how can I stop relational conflicts before they start?”

Scripture Reference: James 4:1-12

Speaker: Dr. Bruce Smilie

Pastor - Main Street Baptist Church